Download the demo project

If you’d just like to test out the library, this option is for you!

Simply grab the repo in your preferred format (zip, git clone, etc) and open up the file WPFSurfacePlot3D/WPFSurfacePlot3D.sln.

At this point, ensure that HelixToolkit.Wpf and Extended WPF Toolkit are installed (I recommend installing via NuGet).

From there, you should be able to build the project and play around with a few different surface plots. Enjoy!

Import SurfacePlot3D files into your existing project

If you just want to use the SurfacePlot3D files, the easiest way to import them to your existing project is just to copy the following four files into your project:

They can be accessed via the namespace WPFSurfacePlot3D. You will also have to ensure that HelixToolkit.Wpf is installed in your project.

Coming soon

Installation via NuGet package manager is planned for an upcoming release. Stay tuned!