Easy, attractive 3D plots in WPF

WPF-SurfacePlot3D is a tiny C# library containing easy-to-use 3D surface plotting components for WPF (.NET) applications.

You can get started in as few as four lines:

var myPlot = new SurfacePlotViewModel();
myPlotView.DataContext = myPlot;
function = (x, y) => x * y;
viewModel.PlotFunction(function, -1, 1);


  • Flexible data input formats:
    • Plot functions directly
    • Use your own data arrays
  • Easy data binding for real-time updates
  • Leverage the beauty and power of Helix 3D Toolkit


While the project is in beta, simply grab the class files from the Github repo and add them to your own project. For more information, read the Installation section.

COMING SOON: Installation via NuGet package manager (planned for version 1.0.0).


This project is organized using Github.

  • Please report all bugs, feature requests, and other issues through the issue tracker.
  • Feel free to add your thoughts to the project wiki!


If you’re having issues or just want to send along some feedback, feel free to email me: hello@brittanywelsh.com.